Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday,

Where the heck have you been?!  I'm pretty sure this has been the longest week ever.

Dear Black Flies,

Please die.  It is really annoying when I go for a run and you get in my eyes, fly up my nose, etc.  Also, because it has been so humid out, you just stick to my sweaty body while I'm out running.  Nasty.

Dear Sunshine,

Thank you for making many appearances this week.  You were much appreciated.

Dear Old Retaining Wall,

This weekend you are finally going in the dumpster where you belong.  And hopefully we will look less like white trash.

This trash pile may or may not have been in my backyard from October until now.
Also, the tire and other stuff?  That was dug out from behind the old retaining wall from when it was originally built.
Meaning...not our trash.

Dear Husband,

Thank you for taking such amazing pictures at the Mountain Mucker.  Now I just need to stop being such a slacker and post them.

I'm really pretty, I know ;o)

Dear Summer,

Four weeks and counting.  Please hurry!!!


  1. Yay sunshine! Yay summer! Happy weekend!

  2. Love the picture! Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. aww great pics and have a wonderful weekend hun!

  4. haha that last picture is awesome. hope you enjoy your weekend!


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