Monday, March 12, 2012

March Photo a Day: Week 2

Here is my weekly photo round up for March 5 through March 11.  This weekend was crazy busy so I am posting this on Monday; oops!  Oh well, it's my blog, I can do what I want ;o)

March 5: SMILE

This is the card that my students at my morning school signed for me on my last day.  It is now hanging up next to my desk in my afternoon (now full day) school.  Whenever I look at it, it makes my heart smile.  

March 6: 5PM

Bodie and I went for a walk in the woods with our neighbor and his dog.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we were enjoying some sunshine after a bunch of cloudy days.  Bodie loves running through the snow with his pal Ebony.


I wore this tank top underneath a long, open sweater.  I found this sparkly tank top at the GAP on sale for $8 and I love it!

March 8: WINDOW

My Minnie kitty sitting in the window looking outside.  She is such a sweetheart.

March 9: RED

We saw this little guy at the auction. He did not come home with us.  I don't think he went home with anyone actually...

March 10: LOUD

I love my husband dearly, but boy is he loud!  Even when he is just talking, he is loud.  I constantly have to say to him, "You're hurting my ears.".  

*Love you hun!*


I talk to my Darla kitty everyday.  Well, actually, I talk to all of my animals every day.  But Darla is almost always the one I greet first because she is usually waiting in the kitchen for me when I get home.  Here she is sitting pretty on our bed.  She looked a lot cuter before the flash went off in her face.

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  1. I'm doing so bad with keeping up! I love your window picture!


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