Monday, March 5, 2012

A Goodbye and A Hello!

Today I start my "new" job.

Today, and from here on out, I am a one school building teacher.

*Side note:  I have been a special education teacher in the same district for four years.  I worked mornings in one elementary school and afternoons in another.  I was responsible for case management, IEP writing and implementation, and teaching in both buildings.*

I have mixed feelings about this transition.  While I have been hoping to be in just one school for a while now, it is going to take some getting used to.

I'm going to have to pack my lunch every morning.  Because I conveniently lived in between the two schools that I worked in, I would often just stop by on my afternoon transition commute and pack up a quick lunch.  Well, no more afternoon commute anymore!  And since I am not a fan of school lunches, I need to bring my own lunch to work.

There aren't going to be anymore quiet moments in my car as I race from my morning to school to my afternoon school.  Even though the commute (all 10 minutes of it) was a pain some most days, it was nice to be all alone for just a few minutes.  I liked having that time to regroup, clear my head, and gear up for the afternoon.

Seriously though, without a doubt, the hardest thing that I need to adjust to is not working with my students at my morning school anymore.  I am going to miss those little nuggets so much!  

I have worked with some of these students since I first started teaching,  It has been so rewarding watching them grow and learn.  Even the ones that I met or started working with just this past fall have wormed their way deep into my heart.

I love "my" kids as if they were my own.

"My" kids were all really sweet on my last day.  The other teachers in my room baked me a cake and had all of the kids sign a big card for me.

I don't think some of my students fully understood that I was leaving and not coming back.  Some of them asked me if I would be back in a few weeks and looked baffled when I said no.  Some of them asked me if I would be back next year.

Another student asked me if the principal knew about "this idea".  That was my favorite comment of the whole day.  This little boy was so serious when he asked me this!

Amazingly I did not cry as I left my morning school for the last time.  I think I am in denial that I will not be back and get to see those sweet little faces again. 

As sad as I am to leave my students though, I am so, so happy to finally be in just one building.  I am looking forward to feeling like a part of a community.  I always felt like I was in and out of a building so fast that I never became a part of the staff community in either building.

It will also be nice to be there for a full day for my students.  I felt like other teachers were always having to cover for me when I was not in the building.  Things would come up that couldn't always wait for me for the next day, and so someone else would have to do it.  This was not anyone's fault, just a way of life for buildings with shared teachers.

So here we go!  Hooray for Monday and a "new" job!

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  1. Congrats on getting to be at one school all day. Kids are so funny, that is really cute that the little boy asked if the principal knew about your "idea".


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